Key Capabilities

Corporate Communication

CONCITO PR has placed itself as an organization with excellent rapport with almost all corporate entities of the country. This has been possible because of the presence of people who have been instrumental in various corporate aspects throughout their career. CONCITO PR promises to deliver strategic counsel and execution that are designed to meet a client's business objectives. Our other expertises include Brand Positioning, Organizational Communications and Positive Portrayal.

Public Affairs

The corporate entities and other organizations are often affected by the decisions made by the government officials and regulators. We at CONCITO PR. act as advisors to maintain the interests of our clients and continue respectable relationship with the authority. The people at CONCITO PR sustain a healthy rapport with the political individuals and are highly admired. We promise expertise to help clients with public policy business objectives.

Media Relations

It’s of what they talk about, it's all about what they whisper, the difference between a skillful delivery of the right message to your target audience and a negative coverage can decide the definition of an organization for years to come. CONCITO PR nurtures media relations strategy at the very core of all its communicative, programs. Some of the firm's specialists are former journalists who had made names for themselves in the industry. The whole media relations process resembles the procedures of major media organization. This enables the firm to work quickly and around the clock.

Brand Marketing

What we believe is that the present world is consumer centric and relevant brands exist to provide their consumers with memorable experiences. That is why our approach enables our clients to create strategic, integrated programs through which they can establish a crystal clear image of themselves for the general people. It also provides CONCITO PR to unleash some of the most creative solutions that captures consumers’ attention by making them think and feel.