The Journey of Concito PR

In ancient Rome, when someone created a buzz in the market place, the activity was termed as "Concito". CONCITO PR shares the same goal of creating a buzz and building a positive viewpoint for the clients.

To promote and to create an image, the usual method practiced in Bangladesh is advertisement. This has made the general people wary and conscious of the whole approach. So, the usual belief had to be breached by using unconventional means. It is usually more believable if a neutral entity vouches for someone. The founders of CONCITO PR believed that there is a chance to contribute to the present and potential business sector of Bangladesh. Thus, CONCITO PR has been established.

CONCITO PR is an exclusive affiliate of Burson-Marsteller, one of the largest and most prolific PR organizations in the world with more than 120 offices and affiliate offices in over 80 countries across six continents.

We provide our clients with strategic approach and significant executions related to building positive image, creating favorable condition and garnering goodwill for the company. We believe in a 360 degree approach for each and every campaign we execute. All steps we undertake are methodical, scientifically sound and ethical.This is what strengthens our position in the top 5.